Divesting is a crucial moment in the lifecycle of a project, that can make or break its success. Preparing a sale or inviting investments, requires discipline and organisation. The successful sale (brokerage) often depends on having your papers and the physical aspects in order.
Divesting & Brokerage
Excellent management of a project is key to its success and making sure that the owner is not affected by operational ups-and-downs in the market. Our Asset Management services is here to take responsibility for the success of your project(s).
Asset Management & ROI
Doing all activities needed in order to prepare the property/project for opening, including budgeting, planning, pre-sales, marketing activities, recruitment, tenders, startup management and so much more.
Pre-Opening & Opening
Design is all about attaching the physical product to the emotional mind of the guests and creating a story/place where people want to be. Getting this right is the key to success.
Interior Design & Finishing
This is about assisting the project team to realise the technical assignments and finding the right solutions during the building phase. This includes reviewing plans, defining needs, product features, reducing costs and increasing revenue potential.
Technical Services & Construction
Architects, Builders, Designers and other suppliers, all need to know what you want to do and achieve. Technical assignments are therefore crucial, in order for suppliers to understand and produce what you want.
Technical Assignments & Architectural Plans
Finding the right Management Company or Franchise Brand that suits your market and audience will significantly reduce project risks and increase the possible project outcome.
Management Company & Franchise Brand Search
A good Feasibility Study will demonstrate the soundness of your project, necessary capital and future cash-flows, in order to avoid investing in projects that cannot deliver.
Feasibility Study & Financing
Having the right Concept (Product) for a specified Audience (Market) and be available at the right Time (Timely), is key to any project success.
Concept Development & Brand Identity
A market analysis will identify its trends, needs, opportunities and volume. Quantifying potential commercial value and defining an opportunity map for the project to be developed.
Market Analysis & Opportunity Map