How to Turn a Social Media Page into a Booking Platform?
A way to create content for a hotel
8,000 new followers
Total sold out with integrated SMM promotion
Direct booking rose up to 75% of total sales
Engaged audience and brand advocates
Project overview
1715 Duplex Hotel is a modern space for family vacations located in a historical building in the heart of St. Petersburg. Every room has two levels: a lively first floor with all the facilities and a comfortable second floor designed for sleeping.
Summer of 2020. The midst of a well-known virus. Restrictions, bans, closed borders. Not the best time to open a new hotel. And quite a challenging task for promotion specialists. But there aren’t only fear and giant beasts from The Mist hiding in that dim prospects. Great opportunities and surprising solutions are also along the way, don’t you think?
Then: 0 followers
Now: 8145 followers
We’ve focused on domestic tourism. We published posts that described the hotel itself, as well as lots of engaging texts about St. Petersburg, unusual touristic routes, restaurants and places related to famous poets and writers. They’ve got more than 100 savings!
We worked with various bloggers and attracted two influencers with 1m followers. They gave us total sold out for 2 months.
Since we are a very friendly hotel, we invited stage and movie actors, directors, fashion designers, photographers and other creative people who appeared to be our friends. Only barter, only sincere emotions. Exactly what guests feel when they are checking in 1715. It became our feature, as we managed to shoot the way we planned. From idea to implementation, without lies and hypocrisy. And our subscribers reacted very warmly to this content.
With photos and videos, we created a recognizable «voice of the hotel» that established associations: hotel-home, comfort, friend, and kindness. It even brought us several brand advocates.
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