How to increase the number of hotel bookings by 40% in the off-season and with restrictions
1715 Duplex Hotel
$0.37 per lead
5,391 leads via website
$0.10 per click
About project
1715 Duplex Hotel is an amazing hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg, within walking distance of a large number of attractions, with two-story rooms and lovely interiors.
The project was launched in September, following the summer holidays and vacations, when the majority of people have no desire to travel anywhere, as well as no time and money. It indicates a challenge in finding an interested audience.

But we have a very pleasant result:
— cheap clicks for $0.10
5,391 leads via website at a price of $0.37 per lead
Initial Target Audience Portrait
People who would like to spend their free time in St. Petersburg with their family and friends or arrange a romantic trip. Visit the city on a business trip or just to enjoy its architecture and culture.

We started by dividing advertising campaigns into four categories:
— General
— Family
— Couples
— Business

A few months later we decided to test new categories
— Friends
— Vacation from home (an opportunity to relax in a hotel without leaving the city, looking for a change of pace and distraction)
— People working remotely
The audiences that we choose
Those who had interests related to the city of St. Petersburg and its cultural program, hotels and inns, as well as interests from the following categories:
Goals on the website
We need real hotel bookings. So, in order to get them, we hid the booking widget behind two buttons and set up the main events on these buttons. Then we launched the advertisement with these goals in mind.
Visual Content

For the ads, we used photos of hotel rooms to show their unique interiors and amenities, as well as shots of St. Petersburg.

We also decided to opt for Dynamic Creative Optimization, where you can upload up to 10 different images and up to 5 different texts and let Facebook create the best combination for each user.
Informational Content

In the copies we wrote about the historical location of the hotel, its unique two-story rooms' interiors and cozy environment. We also pointed out specific benefits for each audience. For families, for example, we wrote about comfort, silence and a kitchen that will allow them to feed the children at any time.

  • Amount spent
  • No. of clicks
    19,841 clicks
  • Cost per click
    The average CPC was $0.10
  • Reach
    259,733 users
  • No. of leads via the website
    5,391 people
  • Cost per lead
1$ ~ 70 р.
For promoting a hotel on IG it is better to use eye-catching photos of rooms and city attractions, point out unique benefits for every audience and write copies with all the information in simple words.

Make good pictures of hotel rooms and add a few images of resting people: friends, families and couples, as well as those who are comfortably working from hotel rooms.
Create different categories of ads, test new ones and you will for sure get cheap clicks, interactions on the website and a lot of bookings, even during the off-season and restrictions.
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