Programmatic campaign for Eurasia restaurant chain

174 people placed orders on the website
4.89% conversion rate per order
25% increase in conversion rate with every new launch

Tasks and KPIs

1. Qualitative synthetic indicators
2. Conversions
Eurasia Restaurant

To engage the target audience in promotions and discount programs; increase the number of orders and restaurant visits

December 2020 - January 2021

St. Petersburg. Men and women between 20 and 45 years old. Level of income: middle class and upper middle class. Patterns of behavior and interests: fond of Asian and European cuisine; loyal to the Eurasia chain; business people and clerks who lead an active lifestyle and prefer restaurant food or cafes; frequently order takeaway or delivery.

Programmatic ADS + Search
Desktop + Mobile

Advertising strategy

We developed a plan of consistent actions that will push the target audience to perform desired target actions within the designated tasks.
We worked with a wide range of audiences, beginning with loyal clients and ending with a new audience or those who hadn't tried The Eurasia food before. In order to cover all the selected segments, we were active at all purchase funnel stages simultaneously, using different ad formats.

Results. Traffic

By working intensively with TA segments, creatives and placements we increased CTR from 0.62% in the first media campaign to 0.63% in the third media campaign. We exceeded the expected CTR rate by 0.21 pp.
The paid search campaign CTR grew from 16.11% in the first advertising campaign to 16.56% in the third campaign. So, we were above the expected figures by 7 pp.

Results. Synthetic indicators

Regular monitoring of the advertising campaign and manual and automatic bid factors optimization let us obtain high-quality results for advertising campaigns, along with consistent figures improvement with each new launch.

Results. Conversion rates

Website Orders
174 people placed an order
Conversion rate per order
CR 4,89%
Increase in conversion rate
+25% on every new launch
Conversion rate per order
The highest came from mobile devices
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