How to Get 100% of Bookings in a Mountain Glamping for the Whole Summer in 2 Months?

100% of bookings
3,409 people interested in glamping
$0,19 per interested user
Project overview

This project was really exciting to work on, as we delved into the picturesque Russian nature. The task seemed to be quite hard to handle at the first place: it was May 2020, when all the mess had just started and the 8 days/7 nights bundle price started from $2,752.

However, at the end of June the results were shocking:

We’ve got 3,409 leads, Cost Per Lead was $0.17 and Cost Per Click was $0.02.

Challenge: drive sales

Target Audience Profile
The target audience for this project were affluent people with an interest in traveling and nature.
We found them by creating an intersection of the interests, based on the “affluent people” group and “traveling and nature lovers” group.
  • Traveling and nature
    • Adventure travel
    • Mountains
    • Hiking
    • Nature
    • Camping trip
    • Travel
    • Frequent travellers
    • Outdoor life
    • Backpacking (wilderness)
    • Alpinism
  • Affluent people
    • Expensive watches (brands)
    • Fitness/Sports
    • Business class
    • Luxury goods
    • Forbes
    • Real estate investing
    • Private school
    • Luxury Resorts
    • Designer clothing (brands)
    • First class travel
    • Expensive cars (brands)
    • Real Estate
    • High end jewelry (brands)
We assumed that after the lockdown people would love to enjoy the Altay nature with its gorgeous mountain sites. That’s why we used not only the glamping photos, but the photos of nature as well. We decided to opt for Dynamic Creative Optimization, where you can upload up to 10 different images and up to 5 different texts and let Facebook create the best combination for each user.
Advertising copies
To make our ads more compelling we wrote simple and entertaining texts. We pointed out the beauty of the unique wild nature far from popular tourist routes and how you can spend your vacation at the “Les & More” glamping.
  • Leads: 3 409
  • Cost Per Lead: $0.17
  • Clicks: 23 765
  • Cost Per Click: $0.02
  • Amount spent: $608.16
  • Reach: 320 832 users

Glamping got all its places booked for the whole summer.

1$ ~ 77,59 р.
1$ ~ 77,59 р.

For promoting nature tours on IG, it is better to use photos with clear nature scenes and ad copy telling all the information in simple words.

We recommend you to take photos from the glamping window or at the nearby walking routes, don’t work too hard on texts and use Dynamic Creative Optimization to get low-cost clicks and a lot of reservations.

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