Rebaranding a customer.
Finding a way to show new identity to the target audience

Client Overview
Mouse House is a next generation amusement park for the whole family or a restaurant with the largest playroom in Europe.

We have been working with Mouse House for several years now by:
— bringing applications for children's holidays
— providing restaurant reservations
— advertising special events
— increasing brand awareness among St. Petersburg's residents

Project overview

Great changes took place in Mouse House in April 2021:

—️ Rebranding

— A new parents area opening

— Change of positioning: from a children's entertainment center to a modern space for both children and adult

We were challenged with the task of bringing the updated positioning to as many people as possible.

The following ideas were implemented:
— new brand values (motto: "A day at Mouse House is your perfect family day!")
— announcement of the new hall opening
— redesign of other banners, using updated corporate style guide
Since Mouse House services fall into a premium segment, we focused on affluent people in our advertising.

To identify these people, we used:
— hyper local targeting on luxury residential complexes
— premium services customers
— interested in premium goods
We also built an audience of current customers with the help of:
— customer databases,
— QR codes placed within the club
— special systems that track those who connect to the club Wi-Fi.

Building an audience out of databases of existing customers allows you to keep them loyal (by using retargeting). You can also find somebody new: create Look-a-Like audiences, i.e. search for similar people and analyze them (for example, look for the groups they're following and use this data in advertising).
This advertising campaign was focused on image building. Its goal was to announce the opening and the re-branding of the Mouse House family club-restaurant among St. Petersburg families with children and the club's current clients.

Budget: $230.31

Within one month of advertising, we received:
199,382 impressions
$1.16 cost per 1000 impressions (eCPM)
541 clicks on advertisements

The goals of the advertising campaign were achieved. Brand awareness has increased and the brand is associated with the high expectations of the target audience - a high-level establishment with high-level service.
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