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Project overview

To find staff for the St. Petersburg Eurasia restaurant chain, we at AdsTarget used social media advertising tools and contextual advertising. Eurasia is the largest chain of restaurants and sushi bars in St. Petersburg. The first restaurant opened 18 years ago. Now there are more than 70. So the chain is constantly looking for new employees: waiters, administrators, cashiers, bartenders and cooks.

Choosing an ad format and creating ads
We believe that the most useful ad format for mass recruitment is the advertisement with an application form. Just imagine: potential candidates see the ad in their news feed. Then, by clicking on it, they proceed to an auto-filled form. With their consent, there is already a name, surname, age and phone number. All they are left to do is to select the desired position from the proposed list and hit send. Then, there was an option to go to the company website or community and learn more about it.

This ad format has two benefits. First of all, you can quickly process incoming applications (you get instant notifications into private messages on CRM). Second, it is possible to customize the application form. You can select questions and the way to fill in: offer the user a multiple-choice or a free-form answer.

Also, an ad with the application form allows you to collect a retargeting audience immediately. A way to do this is to specify the pixel at the moment of creating a new form. The pixel will remember everyone who opened it. So you can catch up with those who were interested in the company vacancies but didn’t apply for some reason.
Things to consider when hiring with ads with an application form
  • Do not make the form too long — there is a higher chance the candidate won’t fill it in completely.
  • It is better to place the most interesting information about the company or vacancy at the beginning. So people will get motivated to leave an application.
  • Create and run several ads at once — with different creatives and eye-catching text. So you can choose the most effective combination and avoid wasting your budget on the rest of the promo.
  • For the convenience of potential candidates, include different ways to get in contact. For example, by phone or e-mail of the company.
  • There can be lots of submissions, and you won’t be able to contact the right candidate immediately. In this case, you can set up an automatic reply message where you can thank the applicant for the submission and advise on response time.

Selecting audiences and launching campaigns
Before launching advertisements, it is necessary to make a detailed segmentation of the audience you want your promotional posts to be shown to. For Eurasia, we identified the following target groups:
  • 1
    Interest categories
    These are users whose activity on social media indicates an interest in looking for vacancies. Some categories of interest they can be assigned to are Job Interview, CV and Recruitment agency. Categories of interest also help to find students who are frequently looking for a restaurant staff job.
  • 2
    Retargeting databases
    Retargeting is a tool that allows you to show ads to people who have already interacted with the company. For example, website visitors, people interested in a particular product or regular customers. For Eurasia, it was their own database of applicants, visitors to the company website vacancies section and active users in social media accounts.
  • 3
    Look-alike, i.e., similar audiences

    Look-alike is a technology that allows finding users whose behavior is similar to those in a selected initial group. For Eurasia, it was an audience similar to segments from the retargeting database.

Cost Per Lead: $2.07
Cost Per Click: $0.22
More than 3,500 applications in 6 months
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